Members shall consist of:

  1. Original members who signed application for the organization of the society and
  1. New members subsequently admitted in accordance with these by-laws and whose names are entered in the register of
  • A person of either sex shall be eligible for membership who possesses all of the following qualifications:
  1. Is not less than 18 yrs of age;
  2. Is of good character and is of sound mind,
  3. Is resident within the republic of Kenya
  4. Is in employment within Meru University College and other affiliated institutions approved by the Society through the general
  5. Is member of the immediate family of the primary
  • Every applicant for membership shall complete an application for membership form. This may be drawn so as to show all the information required for a register of
  • Applicant shall be admitted to membership on being accepted by majority of the managing committee in their meeting but shall not qualify for the rights and privileges of a co-operative members until he/she has paid entrance fee of Kshs 500 and paid in full of at least 50 shares of Ksh.20 each. The rights and privileges referred to here above are getting loans or other services offered by the society. The level of such benefit as loans and services are determined by the amount of deposit and the ability to pay based on the pay
  • The managing committee may refuse membership to any person by giving him/her varied reasons in writing; provided that, the person whose membership has been refused, if otherwise eligible for membership, shall have the right to appeal to society’s general meeting. Any such appeal must be supported by at least ten society

Membership rights

Subject to these by-laws, policies, stardards, values and procedures, all members shall have the rights to use the society services and exercise the rights established by the acts, the rules and the by-laws. The members are entitled but not limited to:

  1. Receive, periodically and regularly, or upon request, and at least once a year, a statement of accounts containing the individualized record of her/his credit and debit
  2. Attend and participate at a general meeting. Each member shall have one vote irrespectively of the member total share
  3. Elect or be elected as a member of the society unless otherwise prohibited by any other law or these by
  4. Use the society services according to the policies and procedures approved by the management
  5. Submit project or initiatives to the management committee, for improvement of the society
  6. All other rights are prescribed by the Act and the


In compliance With the act, members of the society are obliged to:

  • Attend meeting and take part in decision
  • Show good co-operative
  • Inform non- members and encourage them to join the
  • Bring out problems affecting the society and look for
  • Participate in society projects both financially and
  • Attend education meetings and seminars organized by the society and other organizations approved by the management
  • Make use of the services of the society as stated in the object of the society.
  • Comply with these by-laws, the co-operative society act, the rules and the general meeting


 a) Every member shall receive a membership card, which shall contain full particulars as to his/her membership. A membership card signed by fully authorized officer shall be conclusive evident that the person named therein is a member of the society unless it is proved otherwise

b) If the membership card is lost issuance of a duplicate may be authorized by the managing committee upon payment of such a fee as may be decided by management committee.


Every member upon admission to membership shall nominate in writing one or more persons to whom, on his/her death, his/ her share deposit, or any other interest shall be transferred. Appointment of nominee by a member shall be in writing and signed by the member in presence of two attesting witnesses. A member shall have the right to change his/her nominee(s), but any such change or alteration must be in writing and signed by the members in presence of the two attesting witnesses. Any change of nominees shall supersede the earlier one(s).

a) On notification to the society on the death of the member by an offer of the administration/employer, the beneficiary/ the nominees shall be paid the full value of the deceased members deposit or interest less any sums due by the latter to the society where applicable, as soon as possible to the nominees and in accordance with the

However in case of dispute as to the beneficiaries/ nominees, the mater shall be referred to the public trustee.

b)Where any money is paid to a nominee who is a minor, a receipt given either by the minor or by his /her guardian shall be sufficient discharge of the

c)Payment to nominees shall be made within one year of the death of the


  1. Membership in the society shall cease with effect from the date of a member:
  2. Dying
  3. Being expelled from membership
  4. Ceasing to hold the qualifications stated in by- laws
  5. becoming incurably
  6. On transfer on his/her
  7. Becomes inactive in society business activities for 12 consecutive months without reasonable
  • a) A member may at any time wish to withdraw from the society by giving a minimum written notice of 60 days provided that deposit shall not be withdrawn in part but in a whole. The society shall however levy a withdrawal charge of 10% of total deposit held by the withdrawing member or a maximum processing charge of kshs 500/=, whichever is
  • The managing committee or the general meeting may expel a member who:
  1. Fails or refuses to comply with the societies by laws, policies and contracts and persist in such refusal or
  2. Is convicted in a court of law of a criminal offense in involving
  3. Willfully default in payment of loans for a period exceeding six
  4. Acts in any way prejudicial to the interest of the
  • A member so expelled shall have the right to appeal to the next general meeting convened in accordance with these by-laws which may reinstate


A member who withdraws or is expelled shall be repaid the following amounts after deductions of any debts owned by him/her to the society as a borrower, endorser or guarantor or otherwise:-

The value of his/her deposit provided however that the managing committee may require a maximum of 60 days written notice of the intention to withdrawal deposits.

  1. Any dividends or interest due to him/her up to the last accounting
  2. Any other deposits or other sums held on the society on his/her