Conduct of Business

The managing committee may make such rules, not inconsistent with these by-laws, as they deem necessary for the conduct of the society’s business. Any such rules shall be recorded in the minute book and shall be posted on the society’s notice board and shall come into force at such time determined by the committee and approved by the general meeting.


66     a) Election shall be by a show of members’ hands, or secret ballot or queuing as may be specifically requested by the majority of the members present.

  • No member shall be entitled to vote by
  • Irrespective of the number of shares/deposits held by him/her, no member shall have more than one
  1. Within seven days after their election, the members of the management committee in question shall elect from their number a chairperson, vice chairperson, treasurer and secretary. Within 10 days after the elections, the general manager shall forward the names and the addresses of all persons elected to office to the


  1. All documents, contracts and cheques shall be signed on behalf of the society by any three of the following:
    • Secretary
    • Chairperson
    • Vice-chairperson
    • Treasurer