MUST SACCO  is committed :

  • To assist the society members to undertake income generating activities through provision of credit facilities.
  • To offer the members complementary savings and credit services and other financial services as may be required by members from time to time.
  • To raise or negotiate loans from financial institutions.
  • To ensure safety and soundness of the members funds through risk management program or any other appropriate insurance scheme. Read More

Development Loan

development loan

Product Loan

must sacco

Special Loan

Special loan

Education Loan

must sacco

Annual General Meeting

The annual general meeting shall be convened each year by the management committee, the commissioner or his representative within four months .......Read More

Conduct of Business

The managing committee may make such rules, not inconsistent with these by-laws, as they deem necessary for the conduct of the society’s business.....Read More

More Loan Information

There shall be a loaning policy and procedures which shall be prepared by the management committee. The policy.......Read More